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Everybody happy, sharp and fresh – in 10 to 30 minutes!


The perfect energiser or icebreaker

Are you looking for a fun and energetic activity during your corporate event? You need to keep everyone on their toes during a conference or event? You want to break through the formal tension during a seminar? We have the right thing for you! Designed as an energiser or icebreaker, HAPPY CLAPPY BEATS creates colour, happiness, fun and fresh energy. Have everyone take part in our short rhythm break and all will be alert and ready for action!


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What is it exactly?

Our Happy Clappy Beats energiser is a physical, active moment. We make use of colored gloves, hand clapping, foot stomping and and dynamic interaction. During our energiser we start with dividing the group of participants into several sections. When up and running, participants are asked to put on the colored gloves which leads to different sections and challenging teamwork. Together we work towards a highly energised team rhythm.

Anytime, anywhere

Mostly used as a kick-off, warming-up, ice breaker, activity between speakers, intermezzo in between seminars, remedy for an after-lunch dip or as a closing event for a group meeting. Our sessions always fit in: for any group, any occasion, any reason, anywhere, anytime. This 5-45 minutes event will have everyone on their feet, working together and feeling energised.

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Perfect for both teambuilding and fun events

HAPPY CLAPPY BEATS is both a fun activity as a teambuilding activity. Depending of your event and of the available time, we can put more focus on either the fun part or on the teambuilding part. Together we discuss what the possibilities are, and we tailor-make our energiser to your needs.

Our facilitators are experts at getting people involved and have lots of expierence. We have had the pleasure of doing HAPPY CLAPPY BEATS for companies like Shell, Rabobank, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Waternet Amsterdam, Ikea to name a few.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Fill in our quote/bookings form and we provide you with a quote within one business day.

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Designed for: corporate events, breaks, meetings, seminars, etc.

We tailor-make our energiser to your needs

Noise level: low

Expert facilitator

Can be held anywhere, both in- and outdoors, from office room to stadium

Tools: colored gloves, body percussion, movement

Standing or sitting: both possible

Duration: 5-45 minutes (20 min is most common)

Number of participants: 20-5000 people or more



“Thank you so much for your amazing energy and for getting everyone so involved. This was just what we needed for our team.”

Sarah Smith, Logistic Manager, Ikea

“We didn’t know what to expect, but as soon as we started I knew it was going to be fun. Everyone was so enthused…this was very much down to your energy and enthusiam. Thank you for truly adding value to our event.”

Ella Fuyima, Operations Manager, QPS